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Harry Leidel

On every Disc, I played acoustic and electric guitars and sung lead vocals unless otherwise noted.

DISCOGRAPHY INDEPENDENT RELEASES featuring songs and performances by Harry Leidel produced through Rugen Productions. All songs were written by Harry Leidel except "Crazy Eyes" which was co-written by Scott Staton.

"Original" Lone Wolf produced with Scott Staton
11 songs that garnered serious interest from BMG Records built around songs written while playing live in the "Lone Wolf Band" with the help of Bassist Dave Bryan and Drummer John Kemble.

"NPC", The INDY Release with its hard edge songs and Ray Longchamp's strong lead guitar play received substantial college airplay thanks to great reviews. It was till the "LEIDEL CD" my most successful work. These eight songs were considered our bar room standards.

Leidel CD"Best of Leidel". By far my best CD. The best songs and the best vocals performed by Christy Hathcock. I searched forever for vocalists like her and then Pat Jones, the perfect guitar player for my original songs came along. The best rthymn guitar player to go along with being one of the best lead guitar players I ever played with. Whose leads added so much with Christy's vocals to make it my most contemporary CD I was always trying for. It's being played on Radio Airways or Jango, getting fans, not only in the US and Canada, but Israel and other foreign countries. The CD is being played on internet radio stations around the world. Go listen to one of their sites and you will be really impressed. Upbeat/Uptempo, Rock/Country no downbeat material. Everyone around the world has found songs they can relate to. Again, the best material with the best players I have been lucky to play with.

"Working Man" is a compilation of songs, some of which are from the very successful "NPC" CD that got a hugely popular review from the biggest music paper in the NY/NJ area, the "Aquarian" that got College Radio stations, like Boston University, to play and play it a lot. The song "Politician Man" with its scathing opinion of politics really helped in breaking the CD to get airplay and getting the great Aquarian review. The reviewer called it Neil Young meets Eric Clapton. Another local reviewer called it by far the best lead guitar, music and lyrics of that year.

Lone Wolf"Lone Wolf" Reissue is a compilation of the best of "The Lone Wolf Band" from with the addition of Matt Wells bringing his voice to 11 of the 15 songs.

NPCNPC "Politician Man" 2001 --- a five song studio effort with Scott Staton engineering and 4 friends donating their time to a very Hard Rock CD. The hardest Rocking Tape I have ever done with the help of Dave Bryan on Bass, Chip Larison on lead guitar, Keith Delpup on drums and Chuck Stevers on vocals on 2 songs.

Leidel / Longchamp Band"Leidel / Longchamp Band" --- The lost Tape where it all really started things musically for me with friend Lead Guitarist Ray Longchamp. This CD was done soon after my return from Texas. I believe it was our argumentative and competitive natures, which made our unusual Rock acoustic / electric duo intense and successful. We did both covers and my early originals while building a very strong fan base. For a while we were the only Band doing live original music in Rockland NY / Bergen NJ county areas.

The Barnharts

One of the last shows of the all original Americana styled "the Barnharts." The Band members were together through the Lone Wolf Band and then later "The Barnhart's" after we parted ways with our Lead Guitarist. This CD shows the Band's tightness and passion on this raw bootleg recording given to me by a friend. It was recorded off a portable recorder so it does not have the same sound quality of the other CDs but I thought it still showed how good the Band was. It also shows a whole different sound compared to the other CDs.