Harry Leidel
Harry Leidel

NY born musician singer songwriter guitarist
Published songwriter with DSM Publishing
History courtesy of "Dave Bryan" of "Loud Dave Productions"

I have played music with and been a friend of Harry's for years. I played bass and was the counter point second singer-songwriter in "The Barnhart's", "The Lone Wolf Band" and also played on the "NPC" Bands. "Politician Man" CD.

Harry Leidel

Harry is a "real" working class songwriter and that theme runs through his songs.

Before returning to Austin, Harry was one of the best songwriters in the NY/NJ area. He has a very diverse group of songs and CD's from Folk to Country Rock to flat out Rock. His songs have varied beats, rhythms, and tempos, and he plays both acoustic and electric guitar. His strength is in the quality of both his lyrics and his music. People from both Arista Records and BMG Records have expressed interest in him and his songs. He's had numerous positive reviews. His independent release of the very successful, rock-oriented NPC, CD, garnered him a great review in the Aquarian Music Paper. That same album received considerable college airplay.

Here is the just released Leidel/Longchamp Band "Working Man" and it's links
CD Synopsis and the Bio

Harry Leidel

Harry has lived and played his songs in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Seattle, and in Austin, where he played a solo outdoor afternoon performance at the University of Texas, still early in his career. He then returned back home to a very vibrant NY live music scene. Harry was able to get the best vocalist, Christy Hathcock and lead guitarist, Pat Jones, to make the "Best of Leidel", his best most contemporary CD he ever produced. Pat is an exceptional lead guitarist who really added to Harry's songs. "Best of Leidel" was not really a band, but more of a collaboration using the best vocalist and original guitar player to make the best CD ever. Harry is remembered in the East for his great live shows with the raucous lead guitar/ lyric driven "Leidel/Longchamp Band" , the "Lone Wolf Band" and the Barnhart's Band and for his studio work with the NPC Band. He is the best songwriter I have had the pleasure to work with.

Harry is currently living in Austin, Texas, but has stop playing, at the moment, due to a bad back injury. Harry is still looking to place his songs with a talented band that could use some strong material.